1. 58% of american coin dealers feel that speculating in silver

1. 58% of American coin dealers feel that speculating in Silver Eagles will be profitable next year. In a simple random sample of 150 coin dealers what is the probability that between 54% and 60% believe that it will be a good year to speculate on Silver Eagles.

A. 0.9123
B. 0.1256
C. 0.3432
D. 0.5297
E. 0.6598

2. The average monthly mortgage payment for recent home buyers in Lexington is $732, with standard deviation of $421. A random sample of 125 recent home buyers is selected. The approximate probability that their average monthly mortgage payment will be more than $782 is:

A. .9079
B. .5473
C. .0921
D. .4527


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