2-3 | Human Resource Management homework help


Feedback and Self-Reflection in Organization Design Work

Reading task:

  • Minkle, B., Bashir, A. S., & Sutulov, C. (2008). Peer consultation for mediators: The use of a holding environment to support mediator reflection, inquiry, and self-knowing. Negotiation Journal, 24(3), 303–323.
  • Reeves, W. B. (2006). The value proposition for executive coaching. Financial Executive, 22(10), 48–49.

For access to the CTU library, use the LIBRARY or the Doctoral Library.

After reviewing the relevant articles posted, please reflect on the following questions:

  • Why are feedback and collaboration vital to your Doctoral Management journey?
  • How can you offer valuable feedback to your teacher and peers?
  • What lessons from the articles can you leverage in your personal career aspirations?

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