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The “Wolf” or the “Fox?”


Can racism be perpetuated even in the absence of unacknowledged intent? Malcolm X once said he preferred overt racism (“the wolf”) to more covert/unacknowledged racism (“the fox”).

Would you agree with him and the sociologists you have read for this module that colorblind racism’s denial is more harmful than the more overt racism of the past?  Why or why not? (Apply the course readings in your response).

Discussion Requirements
Always apply, properly cite, e.g., (McClure and Harris, 2017, p. 158), and reference relevant information within the module and assigned readings to support your response/perspective; This demonstrates an appropriate comprehension and application of the assigned reading in the aligned discussion topic.  Essentially, students must apply some of what they were assigned to read into their response; typically before or soon after going into “I believe” type declarations.

Please also note that extracting ideas from the existing literature as well as direct information require appropriate in-text citation, i.e., (Patel, Meanwell and McClure, 2017) or (Roberts, 2018, pg. ##).

Do not repeat the discussion question in your response.

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