4 | Management homework help

After reading the attached journal article 

 Conduct a review of the article focusing on these four sections: Introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion. Answer should be in own words and strictly no plagiarism. 

Introduction: (1-2 paragraphs)

  • The introduction should introduce the article by providing the reader with the article title and the author name. It will also give some details about what you will be talking about in the subsequent paragraphs.

Summary: (2 paragraphs)

  • The summary follows the introduction and presents the main points of the article. The summary provides readers with an overview of the article, which will help them understand your analysis. Only include information that is relevant to your analysis.

Analysis (2 paragraphs):

  • The analysis section is where you analyze the article for the reader. This is your chance to give your opinion on the article’s content.

Conclusion: (1 paragraph)

  • The conclusion is where you make any final points and draw your conclusion about the information presented in the article.

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