9 journal 2 (challenging case study and exercise on haier

Conduct own intensive study of both strategic approaches and strategies of a company, “Haier,” through the attached file in this module, Google, CWU library online database, and its webpage http://www.haier.com/ (Links to an external site.).   You should also check AMAZON.com to find information about products, pricing, and customer satisfaction.  Your study will allow you to find Haier’s strategies, strategic approaches, product policies, pricing, advantages or disadvantages, your suggestions, and etc.  This intensive study will worth a lot for this part, ok?

(1) Make a good report of Haier’s strategies, strategic approaches, advantages or disadvantages, your suggestions, and etc.  Make this report as if you will submit to your boss who really wants to have it to make strategic planning, ok?  This is a free writing assignment while you should write sufficiently!

Being creative and strategic is always welcome in my class!!!!  Showing your own ideas based on own experiences or examples of other companies are also welcome in my class!!!

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