A. theorist information: on a separate page from the text of your


Theorist Essay

The theorist you will be doing is vilfredo pareto

A. Theorist Information: On a separate page from the text of your essay list the following (this is what you did for the theorist I assigned to you):

1. People (especially scholars/academics) who influenced your theorist.

2. Theories connected to your theorist.

3. Works by your theorist properly formatted according to your discipline’s citation style. (this will go into your bibliography/works cited page for your theorist essay)

Now you are ready to start putting your essay together.

Once you get a background on your theorist, do a search for scholarly sources on your theorist.

B. The Essay:. For this essay, I want you to put the information you collected above into essay format. You must include the following:

  • An Introductory paragraph explaining what your essay will focus on/prove.
  • The background of your theorist.
  • The historical context in which your theorist grew up, started his/her academic career and progressed through their career.
  • Other theorists/theories that influenced your theorist.
  • A Conclusion: What conclusion do you draw from what you have written about your theorist, history, and the social sciences?
  • You must include a bibliography of the sources you used for the information on your theorist. This must also include the works by your theorist.

This essay must be 750-900 words in Times Roman 12 font. Please proofread your work. It is due on Sunday, October 25, 11:55 pm.

Technicalities for the Essay:

  • Use Times Roman 12 font and doubles space your work.
  • Use specific examples from the readings in the course, the scholarly articles you found, and the sources you used for the information you found.
  • Be careful to avoid technical, grammatical and syntax errors—PROOFREAD YOUR WORK!
  • Cite your work properly according the citation style in your discipline.
  • Name your file correctly—I will not open any files named incorrectly.

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