Annotated outline | English homework help

You are to pick a topic that deals with mass communication for your annotated outline research project. All outlines must be written in APA format.

Please note that you can select your own topic but all topics have to be approved by me. That means don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your project. Below is a list of topics for consideration. You do not have to select any of the topics below if you don’t see anything that interests you but remember that your topic has to be related to mass communication and has to be approved by me first before you start your research. This is college! You are expected to produce a scholarly paper. This will require going to the library/doing extensive research on your topic. If you have any questions you can ask me.

Research Topics for Annotated Outline

1.     The impact of cell phone use in classrooms

2.     The decline of newspapers over the past 15 years

3.     The impact on children who watch violence on television

4.     The impact on children who watch sex on television

5.     Analysis of commercials aired on BET

6.     What’s considered beauty in media and the impact of viewers?

7.     Portrayal of African Americans as criminals on television

8.     Portrayal of African Americans as criminals on (local or national) television newscasts

9.     The impact of violence in video games

10.  The impact of profanity in video games

11.  The portrayal of African Americans and Latinos in video games

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