Apa, four full page paper (not including the title and reference

-A case study of a Business Memorandum (assignment rubric attached)(Sections IID, and IIE).

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:


-II. Client’s Case

D. Application of the Law to the Facts: Using the precedents you have selected in case law, regulations, and substantive law, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s arguments in court. Is it probable your company will win this legal dispute?

E. Impact Assessment

i. Based on your analysis, how do you believe this situation may affect public perception of your selected company? Will the public discourse reflect possible legal outcomes? Be sure to use specific examples.

ii. Make suggestions on how to alleviate any damages to your selected company’s public perception going forward. Will action(s) related to the other party be appropriate?

iii. Recommend how the company should modify specific business practices to avoid similar situations in the future.


Only do and label Sections IID, and IIE in the paper.

Read page 1-3 of the assignment rubic.

Textbook: Law, Business and Society, Chapters 10 and Chapter 11

Provide turn it in report.

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