Assignment #2 – mission & vision critique


The purpose of this assignment is provide you with the opportunity to analyze the mission/vision statements of an organization and to be able to create mission/vision statements. After you complete this assignment,  you would have mastered  two skills, which are 1) ability to critique existing mission and vision statements, and 2) being able to write a new mission and a new vision statement. 


Select a company from the Company list (attached).

  1. Critique the mission statement and indicate which of the nine (9) characteristics and nine (9) components of a mission statement discussed in the textbook, the company’s mission complies with.
    • Use pages 47-48 of your textbook for a list of the nine (9) characteristics and nine (9) components of a mission statement.
  2. Develop an improved mission statement for the selected company. Include this improved mission statement in your assignment submission.
  3. Critique the vision statement for the organization.
  4. Write a one sentence vision statement for the chosen organization company.

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