Assignment industry research | Management homework help

Introduction to business concepts 


Conducting research is an important skill to develop and is critical for developing credible business plans. In fact, if you have been working full-time in your profession, you probably have already been asked to do industry research of some sort. In this assignment you will have an opportunity to do some industry research of your choice.


Choose a company of your choice, other than Starbucks, and write a 250-500 word summary of the characteristics of the primary industry in which they compete. This may include the competitive landscape, the customer types, legal considerations, technology drivers, etc. You decide what is important to include given the word count limitations.

Access information from each of these three databases from the Steelman Library: Proquest Hoovers, ValueLine, and MorningStar. Include information sourced from each of the above three databases. You may do additional research if you wish. Upload your response, including your name, date and references in APA format in a *.doc or *.rtf file format

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