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Case 1: amazon profit issue

 to Macy’s Inc. have warned on profits and reported disappointing sales. Amazon said promotions—which Mr. Olsavsky called “a cost of doing business”—weren’t a major factor in fourth-quarter revenue. Amazon’s stronger margins likely reflect more discipline in spending and fewer promotions at the expense of profit, as well as a larger percentage of sales stemming from […]

Week 5 discussion post | MPA543 Data Analysis For Public Policy And Management | University of Phoenix

  Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  Based upon what we learned from our required learning activities from this week: How are the various federal, state, and local legal and regulatory environments addressed through managerial controls in an information systems security plan? Identify at least three components of an organizational framework […]

See analysis questions. | English homework help

   For this assignment, choose one work of art from each section (1.What is art?  2. Essential Elements of art,  3.Design and Everyday life,  4. Techniques, Materials, and Form,  5. History of Art.  to write about in each of the writing styles  discussed in this section (adjectives, tell a story, simple outline, compare/contrast (two works), […]

Story analysis | Literature homework help

Browse through the story link below “speaks” to you to analyze and comment on.Follow Instructions closely, applying what you have learned from the Art of Being Human chapter and Study Slides to write a Critical-Creative Analysis of one of the selected short stories. Follow the prompts and this assignment will work for you Read the story below […]

Writ up | Management homework help

Assignment/Chapter #2: In chapter 2 of the text, we discuss various strategic tools that you can use to analyze a company’s industry, competition, and strategic fit.  These tools include topics such as emergent/planning/crafting strategies (and the difference between all three), SWOT, developing a mission statement, points of parity/differentiation (and the difference between the two), balanced scorecard, PESTLE […]

Reading response paper | Reading homework help

Please respond to a minimum of two readings .  It is a max one page response.  You can do a half a page for each reading or find some themes across the readings.  Do not summarize the readings.  Instead, please explicate them, disagree with them, or amplify them.  Ues examples and/or readings from other sources […]

Tax-665 estate & gift taxation

You are an associate in a boutique tax consulting firm that specializes in the real estate industry. You have been assigned to work with a client who needs advice on the tax implications of his business holdings, which include Skyscrapers, a commercial real estate firm organized as a sole proprietorship with a fair market value […]

give a brief summary of the law and your opinion as to whether or

The California Chamber is a non-profit advocate for business in California (see  http://www.calchamber.com/Pages/default.aspx).  The Chamber closely monitors bills before the California legislature and every year produces a list of bills that  (in the opinion of the Chamber) would harm economic and job growth in the state.  Choose a law from the 2018 list (see:  https://advocacy.calchamber.com/policy/bill-tracking/job-killers/2018-job-killers/), […]

U.s. health care systems for small populations, part 5

  Write a 700- to 1,050–word paper that considers the cost of providing the health care service and running the facility you have proposed. Include an evaluation of your planned revenue streams and determine whether you would still be in business a year after you open. Consider the following costs: Loans (property, equipment, inventory) Rent […]