Business intelligence and big data ppt


Topic: Business Intelligence and Big data

Introduction to Business Intelligence & Big Data (2 Slides)

The Importance of Business Intelligence & Big Data (2 Slides)

Conclusion (1 Slide)

Students must include global impact in their chosen topic

Include at least one figure or one table in the presentation and format in APA style (in the same slide with content)

References: 3 APA format

Total sliders: 5


  • When you apply a Design Theme to your presentation, there is a font size automatically applied for      titles, first level bullets, second level bullets, etc.  Use the default font size!  You do not need to change the font to Times New Roman, 12 point for the presentation in order to follow APA style.
  • You do need to cite your references in proper APA style in your PPT either within the text on each      slide, or in the Notes Pane on each slide.  And you need to include a reference slide with all references formatted in proper APA format (in alpha order by authors last names, Hanging Indent applied, with all      required information).  Be sure to keep your references current (within the last ten years).
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Format correctly and consistently
  • Utilize 3 references from scholarly sources…do NOT use Wikipedia or Patents
  • Highlight your knowledge of technology by including transition and animation
  • No plagiarism

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