Career research | Accounting homework help

Purpose: The goal of this mini-research project is to assist you in formulating a plan for seeking and securing an optimal accounting position upon graduation.



Choose a sub-discipline within the field of accounting, which you intend to pursue for employment, upon graduation. Identify:

  1. All relevant/optimal educational degrees, that will enhance your prospects of succeeding in your selected sub-discipline.
  2. All relevant/optimal professional licenses that will enhance your prospects of succeeding in your selected sub-discipline
  3. All relevant/optimal certifications that will assist you in progressing within your selected sub-discipline

Locate at least 3 professional research sources/articles which focus on your chosen discipline. These sources should, describe

the relevant professional responsibilities, possible career paths and other pertinent information for your chosen sub-discipline within the accounting profession.

a. Provide your personal evaluation/analysis of those professional responsibilities, career paths, etc., and….

Create an ACTION PLAN which you can follow to begin and progress in your career within your chosen discipline

A. A.P.A. Citation Must Be Used:

i. A MINIMUM of 5 quotes must be incorporated in your work.
ii. HowToCiteABookOrText-forthisassignmentyoumayonlyuseSHORTQUOTATIONSof40wordsorless.

  1. 4-5 pages
  2. ADDDTIONAL INFORMATION: Examples Of Selected Accounting Job Categories OR Sub-disciplines
  3. a)  Auditor
  4. b)  Internal Auditor
  5. c)  Tax Accountant
  6. d)  Forensic Analyst
  7. e)  Compliance Auditor/Specialist (verify conformance with Sarbanes Oxley; GAAS; GASB, etc)
  8. f)  Financial Accountant
  9. g)  Government Accountant
  10. h)  Budget Analyst
  11. i)  Financial Reporting Analyst-Annual Reports/SEC compliance
  12. j)  Management/ Cost Accountant
  13. k)  White Collar Fraud Specialist
  14. l)  Data Analytics Specialist
  15. m)  Budget Analyst

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