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Attorneys and other legal professionals often communicate through the use of written documents. The written documents are sometimes submitted to courts, while other times used for communication between partners, clients, and even opposing counsel. You will be drafting documents that will be used for internal communication with a partner or client as well as documents that will be submitted to a court. The foundation for all of these documents will begin with the drafting of your Case Briefs.

When an attorney is presented with a client, question, or factual scenario, he or she needs to begin research to determine what law will apply to this situation. A seasoned attorney will spend time thinking about the issues, researching the law, and drafting documents that efficiently and effectively communicate his/her argument. However, before the attorney can draft a memo or brief that would be given to a partner or court, he or she will create case briefs.

Case briefs are a “cheat sheet” for an attorney to use when dealing with complex issues and multiple cases. A case brief is generally a single-page document that the attorney can then reference when drafting other documents such as a memo, brief, or letter.

As you begin this assignment it may seem odd to take the time to create a sort of cheat sheet for a case; however, as you move through the next eight weeks of this course you will find that these documents will be worthwhile as you draft the memo, brief, and letter.


You will read these four cases and pull out the most important information pertaining to the question or factual situation that has been provided to you. Make sure to:

· Use the format that is provided in the textbook reading for this week. 

· There should only be four citations – one at the top of each case brief.

· Each case brief should be single-spaced and one to two pages in length.

· Only the four assigned cases should be used in constructing your case briefs.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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