Case: moss and mcadams accounting firm

Bruce Palmer had worked for Moss and McAdams (M&M) for six years and was just promoted to account manager. His first assignment was to lead an audit of Johnsonville Trucks. He was quite pleased with the five accountants who had been assigned to his team, especially Zeke Olds. Olds was an Army vet who had returned to school to get a double major in accounting and computer sciences. He was on top of the latest developments in financial information systems and had a reputation for coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

(Rest of case not shown due to length.)

1. If you were Palmer at the end of the case, how would you respond?

2. What, if anything, could Palmer have done to avoid losing Olds?

1. What advantages and disadvantages of a matrix type organization are apparent from this case?

2. What could the management at M&M do to more effectively manage situations like this?

answer each in a new paragraph, 1 page total

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