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Please write double-spaced summary/comments (three paragraphs typed) on each case study. Each paragraph must contain three sentences and is worth 2 or 3 points. Please use Times New Roman, one inch margins, and 12 point font. 

A.  Case Study # 1 (9 points)

Please go to

, and read/summarize “Assessing Progress towards the attainment of The Millennium Development Goals in Africa and the Status of the MDG Africa Initiative.” Pages 1-4.


B. Case Study # 2 (7 points)

Read “Holistic Measures of Living Levels and Capabilities: The New Human Development Index” from Chapter 2.

C. Case Study # 3 (9 points)

Read and summarize “How Low-Income Countries Today Differ from Developed Countries in their Earlier Stages” from Chapter 2. 

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