Case study 3 | Economics homework help


Case Studies Analysis # 3 (Unit # 3 – Chapter # 5)

(Maximum Points: 25 points; No Plagiarism!)

Name _________________________________________ 



Please write double-spaced summary/comments (three paragraphs typed) on each case study. Each paragraph must contain three sentences and is worth 2 or 3 points. Please use Times New Roman, one inch margins, and 12 point font. 

A. Case Study # 1 (7 points)

Read and summarize “Kuznets’s Inverted–U Hypothesis”, and discuss the conceptual merits and limitations of this hypothesis for African countries.

B.  Case Study # 2 (9 points)

Read and summarize “Women and Poverty.”  

C.  Case Study # 3 (9 points)

Read “Policy Options on Income Inequality and Poverty: Some Basic Considerations” and outline the range of major policies options available to African countries to alter and modify the size distribution of their national income. 

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