Chapter5 assignment | Economics homework help


Ch.5 Assignment 

Watch Subaru commercial: (Links to an external site.)

Discuss why this Subaru commercial was successful campaign. Use concepts you learned in this chapter.

Write 2-3 paragraphs.

Grading Rubric


Outstanding / Good

70-79%  Proficient


0 – 59%      Below Expectations

Critical Thinking

·     rich in content

·     full of thought, insight, and analysis

·     substantial information

·     thought, insight, and analysis has taken place

·     generally competent

·     information is thin and commonplace

·     rudimentary and superficial

·     no analysis or insight is displayed

Assignment Objectives

clear statement of factors addressing assignment objectives

·     factors / statement are alluded to, not really clear or too obvious

·     limited, if any factors / statement included

·     vague generalities

·     no factors / statement are included,  off topic


·     few grammatical or stylistic errors

·     several grammatical or stylistic errors

·     obvious grammatical or stylistic errors

·     errors interfere with content

·     obvious grammatical or stylistic errors

·     makes understanding impossible

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