Comparing factors that lead to underdevelopment


Write at least a six-page paper, in which you:

  1. Identify the two LDCs (from the provided list), which you will compare and assess. Explain why you chose these two countries. (Congo and Philippines)
  2. Analyze the features that the LDCs have in common using at least five of the following nine factors (clearly label the five factors using headings):
    • Geography. 
    • Extractive institutions.
    • Governmental corruption. 
    • Internal or external conflicts. 
    • Shaky financial systems. 
    • Unfair judicial systems. 
    • Ethnic, racial, or tribal disparities. 
    • Lack or misuse of natural resources. 
    • Closed (statist) economies. 
  3. Use at least seven credible sources. Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and blogs do not qualify as reputable academic source work at the college level. Do not use sources that are older than seven years.

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