Computer base – young professional


Case Problem: Young Professional Magazine (p. 324)

Use Data File: Professional.xlsx (attached below)

As a new employee of the magazine, you have been asked to help analyze the survey results of their target audience.  Prepare a managerial report summarizing the results of the survey.  In addition to statistical summaries, discuss how the magazine might use these results to attract advertisers. 

I am looking for the interpretation of the data, not simply the regurgitation of results.  Please address the following:

  1. Develop appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the data.
  2. Develop 95% confidence intervals for the mean age and household income of the subscribers.
  3. Develop 95% confidence intervals for the proportion of the subscribers who have broadband access at home and the proportion of of subscribers who have children.
  4. Would Young Professional be a good advertising outlet for online brokers?  Justify your conclusion with statistical data.
  5. Would this magazine be a good place to advertise for companies selling educational software and computer games for young children?

Submit the report as a .doc/pdf and attach your .xlsx statistics file 

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