Consulting proposal | Management homework help

There is a case study of  CHIMELONG OCEAN KINGDOM: A SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?  need to write a Comprehensive Proposal for them 

 it should address the following information under designated headings: (these headings are not rigid, so choose the ones that work best for your specific client) 1. Cover Page. (Cover letter is not mandatory) 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary. Key takeaways and added value ( 4. Introduction – signposting 5. Client Problem and Goals. 6. Project purpose and scope (may collapse 5 & 6 together) 7. Methodology and Process 8. List of Responsibilities 9. Anticipated Outcomes and Benefits (may collapse 9 & 10 together) 10.Project Deliverables. (not solutions – as you do not have them yet !!) 11.Timelines and Milestones 12.Pricing and Terms and Conditions. 13.Any Other Issues 14.Conclusion 15.Consultant’s profile. 16.References 17.Appendices  

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