Critical thinking | Marketing homework help


Overview:  In this assignment, you will be asked to use your critical thinking skills to assess shareholder vs. stakeholder capitalism after reviewing the material for the assignment.  Approximate length 1-2 pages (250-500 words).


Step 1 Read, view, and listen to the different perspectives on the purpose of business assigned to Class 3 (Models and stakeholders).

Step 2 Briefly summarize stakeholder and shareholder capitalism, as well as the economics of mutuality.  How would you assess these views in terms of current practice of business?  Provide evidence or examples to support your view.  Which view is most likely to be the model for the future of business?  Why do you believe this?

Step 3 Summarize your own personal view of the purpose of business.  What should the purpose of business be in your view?  Why?

Criteria for grading— understanding of concepts and ideas, quality of critical analysis, thoughtfulness of personal perspective, quality of organization and writing. Make sure to address ALL questions listed in Step 2 and Step 3. 


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