Defining enterprise architecture | Computer Science homework help



The field of enterprise architecture has no single, standard agreed-upon definition for what the study of it entails. In a general sense, we know that an enterprise is the highest level of an organization and that architecture is a plan for implementation. However, enterprise architecture is more than the simple combination of these words. Using what you have read so far and experienced, consider the following:

  • What is a good definition for enterprise architecture?
  • How would you explain it to a layperson?
  • What experience have you had in the past with software system design?
  • How does software systems design relate to enterprise architecture?
  • Why is EA a crucial area of study?
  • Why is EA so hard to define, explain, and get right?

Response Parameters

  • Posts should be 200 words minimum in length
  • Use APA formatting to cite all of your sources

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