Disc ch 10: do you know what is in that supplement?


After reading the box item on page 271 “Supplement Makers Told to Relabel” please post an original submission addressing the following questions:

1. In your opinion, do you think that supplements sold by big companies like GNC could contain dangerous or unregulated ingredients?

2. Who do you think is watching out for the consumers who buy and use supplements that are not regulated by the FDA?

3. Have you ever bought or used any of these herbal supplements thinking they were perfectly safe?

4. What changes would you propose to the supplement industry?

5. Has reading this article or preparing this submission given you any additional concerns about their safety?  Why or Why not?

Please comment on another student’s posting after you have submitted your original post. Submit by the due date using correct spelling and grammar to receive up to 10 points. 

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