Discussion board | CJUS 750 – Qualitative Methods of Research | Liberty University

Prompt: For this assignment, you will write an initial post of at least 500-words discussing the following.

  • Articulate the importance and usefulness of focus groups
  • Compare and contrast the role of ethnographies and case studies in data collection.

Discussion Requirements:

Each original thread must have a title-header, a subtitle for each discussion question, 500 words, at least two citations (scholarly articles, and incorporate ideas and citations from all of the required readings and presentations for the assigned module/week), and a Biblical integration. Further, each paragraph should have a minimum of four complete sentences with supporting citation(s) if needed. In addition to the original thread, the student must reply to at least 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be 250 words and include citations from at least 1 scholarly sources. Each thread and reply must follow the current APA (current edition) format.

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