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, let’s share resources. Post a link to a resource that helps you understand the 2020 election results. It might be a web site, and article, and video, a podcast, or some other resource. Tell us why you value this resource.

Here are some questions to prompt discussion. Answer any of them that you wish. No need to answer all. Just give us your thoughts about the election in 250 words or more.

1. What do you think future historians will find remarkable about the 2020 election?

2. Which down-ballot races (contests other than the presidential election) did you pay most attention to? What did you find interesting about them?

3. What information have you discovered about voter turnout? What about young voter turnout? What did you find interesting about this information?

4. Do you believe that the election was fraudulent? Why or why not?

5. Based on the resource that you post, you may comment on any other aspect of the election process or the election results. 

Remember, everybody will post a link to a helpful resource, tell us why they found it helpful, to comment on the election by responding to whichever prompt they desire, and comment on another student’s contribution

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