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Read and reflect on the article, “ Create Table, Select, Insert, Update, Delete Table In SQL (c-sharpcorner.com) 

Take notes on the main points, and consider the following questions:

When inserting data, what are the problems that can occur if you don’t enter the datadi in the same order as the columns? Why do you get an error if you don’t enter data for all the columns?

When you update a table what is best practice to do prior to updating the data? What business issues may occur if you don’t use a qualifier, for example, a WHERE keyword when updating data.

When you update a table, what is best practice to do prior to deleting the data? What are possible business concerns you might have if you don’t use the WHERE keyword when deleting data? What reasons are insert, update, and delete commands so vitality important from a business standpoint?

Go to the discussion board for this course on your university’s LMS (learning management system). Submit a brief reflection (approximately 100 words) on the video, and discuss the questions posed above. Then, respond to at least one additional post on the discussion board.

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