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Read Gabor Maté’s “Embraced by the Needle.” Using our Active Reading Techniques, follow the steps, answer the questions, and paste them to our Week 2 Discussion Board. Remember to comment on at least one of your friend’s posts! 

Step 1: Read the title, the first paragraph, and the final paragraph. Can you predict the content of the article?  

Step 2: Read the article and annotate the text. Here are some reminders to help you: 

  • Highlight or underline key words and phrases. 
  • Highlight or underline unfamiliar words and concepts so that you can check them later and write the definitions in the margin. 
  • Write down questions that come to your mind as you read. 
  • Make marginal notes that make connections between your background knowledge and concepts in a text. 

Question 1: Can you identify the context of the article? Here are some reminders to help you: 

  • Does the text make reference to a recent historical event?  
  • Is there a topic that is under debate? If so, are there others who are mentioned as key figures in that debate?  
  • Is the text speaking about an issue within the cultural setting of a particular nation, city, or ethnic community? 

Question 2: Can you identify the purpose of the text? Remember to use our PIE strategy: 
PIE = persuade + inform + entertain 

Question 3: Can you identify the audience? Remember to consider: 

  • the relationship of the reader to the general topic.  
  • the relationship of the reader and the author. 
  • the relationship of the reader to the author’s general purpose. 
  • the relationship of the reader and the context. 

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