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 Choose one of the two short stories listed here to write a literary analysis exploring how genre influences the meaning of either “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves,” OR “Zora and the Land Ethic Nomads” 

 Compose your essay in a MS Word document. 


ASSIGNMENT: Write a 500+ word essay interpreting a short story of your choice from the list below. The word count is approximate – just say what you have to say. Use complete sentences, include specific quotes from the text, and explain how these support your thesis argument. Submit in MLA Style to Turn-it-in.

Ø Your job is to examine in detail how a literary element linked to the subgenre of the story — the setting, a character, a particular symbol or a critical plot point — helps us in understanding an important theme or take-away message. 

 In the opening paragraph of your literary analysis, compose a brief synopsis of the story and identify its primary subgenre, explaining exactly what makes it so. 

 Then, select a literary element – the setting, a symbol, or the narrative POV, for example – and analyze how it to helps you to explore the story in more depth and come up with a meaningful interpretation. 

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