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 Choose one of the questions to write to write an essay about 

Remember there is a minimum of 350+ words for your essay. Not including the title, etc.


Video link 

Cave Painting (I recommend you make this video full screen)

This video is a 360-degree image of the cave. Use your mouse to move within the three-dimensional space to see the entire cave inside. It may take you a few seconds to find your way around. Be patient, you will discover in the animation some very interesting images and facts.

  1. When writing your short essay try to address some of the questions below.  ENJOY
  2. Who discovers the dark cave.
  3. What do the images tell us about the human mind and their creators?
  4. What are the natural material early artists use to create the images?
  5. Explain what many of the images represented.
  6. What do most of the images portray?
  7. Why did they create this art?
  8. Do you consider these cave paintings to be “primitive?” Do they challenge your idea of what prehistoric minds and lives were like?
  • Ch16:
    An” illuminated manuscript” is a book written and decorated completely by hand. After watching the video “Making Manuscripts from the Getty Museum” explain the process.
  • Video link
  • Ch:17 “The unheard story behind the Sistine Chapel” 
    Five hundred years after the artist painted it, says Lev, the Sistine Chapel forces us to look around as if it were a mirror and ask, “Who am I, and what role do I play in this great theater of life?”
    While watching this video I what you think about the questions below and look for some answers.
    Here are some concepts she will mention in the video:
    1. It attracts 5 million people a year from all different backgrounds, why?
    2. What are the three stages of evolution she discusses?
    3. What were the original decorations of the church?
    4. Who commissioned the Florentine art in the walls of the church and what did the images represent?
    5. Why did Michelangelo not like painting just 12 apostles?
    6. What was Michelangelo story?
    7. What was the encounter between Julius II and Michelangelo?
    8. What was the idea behind the term the speaker used, “Storytelling went global”?
    9. How does Michelangelo represent light and dark?
    10. Michelangelo throws us a curveball. Who is on the other arm of the creator?
    11. Why is this important in the content of the painting? What is the new destination in the painting?
    12. How does Michelangelo speak to the “new world”?
    13. How does Michelangelo display human unity and the ability to overcome adversity?
    14. A” stew of nudes” was a common complaint of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Why was the painting labeled pornography?

The video link 


After watching the video “Do You Know why the Sistine Chapel was Artrageous? | Art History Lesson
Write a short essay answering the question -Do You Know why the Sistine Chapel was Artrageous? 

The video link 

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