Ethical leadership | Management homework help

Prepare a report (suggested length of 6–8 pages) in which you do the following:    

A.  Select a leader who you feel has exhibited exemplary ethical conduct to do the following:

1.  Discuss two ethical traits that your chosen leader has demonstrated.

2.  Explain how your chosen leader has exhibited ethical conduct.

B.  Analyze the dilemma found in the scenario from both the consequentialist and deontological perspectives.

Note: Consider how consequentialists and deontologists would approach the dilemma: What questions would they ask and what decision might they reach?

1.  Discuss which level of cognitive moral development (i.e., preconventional, conventional, or postconventional) is represented in the scenario for each of the following questions:

•   What action would be best for society in the long term?

•   If I reveal this information, will my company find out and fire me?

•   Which course of action would best serve justice?

•   Are there any laws that indicate whether I should disclose this information?

•   If I keep quiet, will my company reward me for that?

C.  Submit a copy of the PDF file with your results from the Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI), which was completed in the course of study, as a separate document.

D.  Reflect on the ELI by doing the following:

1.  Explain your preferred ethical lens or what it means to have none if you have a center perspective.

a.  Analyze whether you have the same preferred lens in different settings (i.e., work, personal, social).

2.  Describe one of the following: your blind spot, risk, double standard, or vice.

a.  Discuss three steps you can take to mitigate your chosen blind spot, risk, double standard, or vice in order to make better ethical decisions in the future.

3.  Explain your primary values and classical virtue(s) from the ELI.

a.  Discuss how these primary values and classical virtue(s) compare to the top five values from the Clarifying Your Values exercise, found in the course of study.

4.  Discuss how you plan to use the ethical lenses to approach ethical situations throughout your professional life.

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