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I need to do axcel and access homework. the solutions are on a step by step video with how to do it and with the answer. i will give access to the link and video just need someone to do it for me. look at the instructions on the attachment.

here is the question..


Analyzing Revenue and Expenses for City Hospital Seminars Figure 7-25 shows the Excel spreadsheet that Bora uses to eval-uate the variables relating to the hospital seminar series. She has asked you to use Excel to create a similar spreadsheet to conduct additional what-if and goal seeking analyses. You will need to use the following formulas: Revenue Registration Fees 5 Attendees per seminar 3 Registration fee × Seminars per year

Parking Fees 5 (Attendees per seminar/Average number attendees per car) 3 Seminars per year 3 Parking fee

Expenses Speakers’ Fees 5 Speaker’s fee per session 3 Seminars per year

Tech Support 5 Tech support cost per session 3 Seminars per year

Marketing 5 Marketing cost per seminar 3 Seminars per year

Room Rental 5 Room rental per seminar 3 Seminars per year What-If Questions

After answering each question, be sure to return the variables to their original values shown in Figure 7-25 before testing the impact of changing another one. 1. What is the impact on net profit if the average attendance per seminar increases to 45?

2. What is the impact on net profit if the average attendance drops to 35?

3. What is the impact on net profit if the parking fee is reduced to $3?

4. What is the impact on net profit if the speaker’s fee increases to $550 per seminar?

5. What is the impact on net profit of increasing the market-ing expense per seminar to $350, which increases average attendance per seminar to 50?

6. What is the impact on net profit of an increase in room rental per seminar to $300?

7. If Bora can negotiate a room rental fee of $160 per semi-nar, how much will net profit increase?

8. If technical support is included in the room rental per seminar, what is net profit?

Goal Seeking Questions 1. Given the expenses and variables presented in the figure, how many attendees per seminar are required to generate a net profit of $5,500?

2. What parking fee results in a net profit of $4,150? 3. What registration fee per attendee results in a net profit of $5,750?

Source: Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft Corporation. Reprinted with permission.

7-18. ACCESS APPLICATION: Marketing City Hospital Seminars Colin is the assistant director of marketing at a hospital that conducts seminars on topics such as sports injuries, arthritis, hip and knee pain, knee replacement, and joint replacement. He is working on a marketing campaign for a new seminar on minimally invasive knee surgery that the hospital is planning to offer. Colin has asked you to help identify potential patients who may be interested in this seminar. Download the City Hospital database, Ch07Ex02. Write a query that sorts registrants by the type of seminar they have attended. Include the session date as well as attendee informa-tion. Modify the query to identify registrants who attended a Knee Replacement seminar. Use the report wizard to create a report that lists the session dates and the names and phone numbers of those who have attended Knee Replacement semi-nars. This report serves as a “patient contact sheet” that hospital staff will use to call previous attendees to invite them to attend the new seminar. How many patients are listed on the report? Review the attendees table. Is there additional patient informa-tion the hospital could collect that may be useful for future mar-keting campaig

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