Expertise sharing project – power point with notes – a + work

Attached are the guidelines for the Expertise Sharing Project. 

My Topic:

Memory Enhancement Strategies  

14-15 Slides of Content.

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS Required textbook: Slavin, R.E. (2018). Educational psychology: Theory and practice (12th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN- 9780134995199. 

Other Required and/or Recommended Resource(s): Writing Style Formatting: APA Format: Where applicable, the use of APA 6th edition is required. 

Course Objective 7 – List and describe steps and principles relevant to direct instruction as it relates to the teaching of concepts, skills, and attitudes including various modes of retention, forgetting, and transfer. 

Course Objective 8 – Identify the key concepts of the constructivist theory of learning as they relate to cooperative learning, problem-solving and thinking skills

Course Objective 9 – Identify and describe characteristics of appropriate and effective learner-centered lessons and units that utilize grouping, differentiation, and technology.

Course Objective 10 – Describe different bases of motivation such as drives, needs, goals, interests, and achievement motivation; and discuss psychological principles and procedures for teachers to motivate learners and foster intrinsic motivation.

Course Objective 11 – Identify the components of an effective learning environment for all learners, including those with exceptionalities.

Course Objective 12 – Identify methods for teacher accountability and their relation to assessment methodologies 

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