His 206 week 3 skill activity – all questions answered correctly –

Week Three Skill Activity

Complete the activity on the skill-building materials assigned for the week.


Question 1.Magazines and newspapers are scholarly sources 

Question 2.Popular Resources are

  •   non-scholarly   
  •   general interest publications   
  •   magazines and newspapers   
  •   all of the above   

Question 3.The folly of Jim Crow: Rethinking the segregated South, which is a collection of writings by professional historians and was published by Texas A&M University Press is an example of a popular resource. 

Question 4.Peer review is a means of quality control for scholarly journal articles and books. 

Question 5.Scholarly sources are often peer reviewed 

Question 6.Peer reviewed means that the author’s friends and family members read over the article or book and they all said that they liked it.

Question 7.Scholarly sources are reviewed by editors to look for spelling and grammar errors but the information contained in them is not reviewed for reliability

Question 8.Scholarly sources often do not contain

  •   formal, technical language   
  •   charts or graphs   
  •   informal language   
  •   bibliographies or reference lists 

Question 9.Which of these is a scholarly source?

  •   “Johns Hopkins mistakenly tells 294 rejected applicants they are admitted” in the Washington Post   
  •   “There’s Even More Plastic on the Ocean Floor than on Its Surface” in Newsweek   
  •   “Russia Panics Ahead Of Economic Turmoil” in the Huffington Post   
  •   “Beyond the City: Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty in Rural America” in the Journal of Policy History

Question 10.Question :Popular resources usually include citations and reference lists 

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