Introduction to udl | Education homework help

 CAST (2010) video UDL at a Glance (Links to an external site.)   hit the link to see video

  • Provide a succinct summary, in your own words, of the key guidelines (representation, engagement and action and expression) that make up UDL. Be sure to discuss all three guidelines of UDL as you write your summary.
  • Discuss how UDL and the incorporation of technology can be used to individualize learning for students with varied backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities and thereby create increased opportunities for learning. Make reference to the three UDL guidelines within your discussion.
  • Discuss the impact that using UDL may have on your current or anticipated teaching or professional role. Provide a specific example.
  • Based on your response above, share an idea of how you might include what you’ve learned about UDL in your plan for the Week Six Final Project: Community Event?


 Edyburn, D. L. (2013). Inclusive technologies: Tools for helping diverse learners achieve academic success (2nd ed.). Bridgepoint Education. 

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