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League of Denial – Final Paper


Your final paper for Sports History will be to add a new final chapter to League of Denial. Since the publishing of this groundbreaking work or sports journalism there have been so many new stories surrounding concussions, football and the NFL.

Your final paper is going to be a paper of at LEAST 3 pages that serves a new chapter of the book. This is not a book review of any sort you are using what they have written as a background of this entire issue and are going to pick up where they left off.

Below is a list of topics that you can cover and players that you can profile like they do so many times in the book:

  1. Rule changes

    1. NFL

    2. NCAA

  2. Patrick Willis

  3. Chris Borland

  4. Jack Miller

  5. Calvin Johnson

  6. Did the NFL finally admit that concussions cause CTE?

  7. The Concussion movie – How did it change the discussion?

  8. Future of football as we know it

This paper needs to be footnoted.

Due date: 5/20

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