Local police agencies surveys | Criminal homework help

As you discussed in this unit’s Discussion Board, survey research is one of the most common ways of collecting data. However, not all survey research is created equal. In this activity, your task is to collect at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies. Using these examples, write a 4-page report comparing the different examples. In your report, provide at least 5 examples associated with best practices or examples that you believe could be improved. Supply a ranking of the different surveys, and show your favorite and least favorite survey, again supplying an explanation.

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Conduct independent research, and find at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies. 
  2. Compare each of the surveys, finding your favorite and least favorite survey. 
    • Supply at least a 1-page explanation on your selections. 
  3. Using your research examples, find at least 5 examples of best practices or areas that could be improved. 
    • Dedicate at least 3 pages to this section. 


Virginia Police Department. (2017). 2017 body worn camera survey Virginia PD. http://www.virginiamn.us/department/police_department/docs/2017%20Body%20Worn%20Camera%20Survey%20Virginia%20PD.pdf

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