Mba576 week 5 discussion 5 | MBA576 Operations and Management | Park University


Accessing McGraw-Hill Connect

Follow these steps to view the scenario.

Initial Posting

Go to McGraw-Hill Practice Operations to view the scenario.

  1. Click the “McGraw-Hill Connect” tab in the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the McGraw-Hill Practice Operations link.

Students are to complete Module 4, Human Resources and Capacity (Scenario) in Practice Operations. Based on their observations in this scenario, and upon a careful review of the available literature, the student is to consider him – or herself to be the Production Manager of Kibby and Strand, the company in the scenario.

The CEO is thinking of expanding Kibby and Strand, and you are tasked to create a data collection plan and measurement criteria for how production output and product quality will be measured. Create your collection plan and output measurement criteria assuming the current production capacity in the simulation scenario will be doubled.

In addition, the HR manager asks for a list of qualifications and skill sets required for additional staff to operate and maintain new equipment planned for the expansion. Create your job ad to include qualifications and desired skill sets.

The student is to create the data collection plan, measurement criteria, and job qualifications list based on knowledge learned in the scenario, and post it in the discussion. 

Instruction Guidance: It would be prudent to consider content covered in chapter 7 of the textbook; however, there are many other useful resources available on the Internet and in the literature to support the construction of your action plan. 

The required items should be prepared in a single Microsoft™ Word document, and then attached to the unit discussion thread. There is no minimum or maximum in terms of the word count; however, the response should explicitly address all required components of this discussion assignment. The document should be prepared consistent with the APA writing style and reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis and or evaluation).  

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