Mgt 403 | Management homework help


Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of Assignment-1 students will be able to understand the

LO 1.1: Recognize the overall knowledge management processes, concepts, goals and strategies within the context of organization.

LO 1.2: Describe how valuable individual, group and organizational knowledge is managed throughout the knowledge management cycle.

Assignment Questions:    

This Assignment is a report-based assignment.

The Assignment structure is as follows:

A. Introduction:  

Ø The introduction part must clearly highlight the history of knowledge management. (Provide minimum 3 references to support your answer.) 

Ø Highlight the role of Knowledge management in present day organisations.

B. Knowledge management cycle: 

Ø Highlight the role of Knowledge management cycle for the development of organisations in a sustainable way.

Ø Briefly describe the concepts of Data, Information and Knowledge.

Ø Briefly describe the various types of Knowledge management cycles.

(Support each part of the assignment with Proper references)

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