Nr 224 fundamentals of nursing

Answer the 3 Questions

EBOOK:  Potter, P.A., Perry, A. G., Stockert, P. & Hall, A. (2021). Fundamentals of Nursing (10th ed.). Elsevier.

Student Instructions for Standardized Simulation

NR 224 Maria Hernandez

PURPOSE: The following information is to be used in guiding your preparation and participation in the scenario for this

course. This document will provide applicable course outcomes in preparation for your simulation.

SCENARIO OVERVIEW: Maria Hernandez is an 80-year-old Hispanic female. She is widowed and lives alone in a senior housing

apartment. Her two children live out of state. She spends most days watching television, rarely leaving her

apartment. Mrs. Hernandez was admitted for surgical debridement of a non-healing sacral ulcer, which has been

present for several months.

APA Format

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