Preparing a sales presentation | Operations Management homework help


Preparing a Sales Presentation




You are to provide an effective sales presentation for “I Promise Project” to Walgreens.




You will have to first learn about “I Promise Project” by checking out their webpage at  Explore all the parts of the Webpage including “About I Promise Project” to learn about the company’s unique history and  background. Next, go to Facebook  and click on Like as a thank you for their cooperation. The owner has even offered for you to follow her on Twitter and Instagram and even email any questions you have to her personally at [email protected].




The owner was invited to make a sales presentation to Walgreens  and your presentation would be what you would recommend be included in this presentation.  She can offer the bracelets to them at a wholesale price of $1 and Walgreens will be charging one for $2.99 and two for $5.




Using what you have from the sources listed above develop a sales presentation for “I Promise Project” to use at a meeting with Walgreens.




Submit a title page with the name of the company, your name, and the title of this course. Look at the grading criteria below when preparing the presentation.  Review the chapters in the book or the PowerPoint slides in preparing this presentation.




This paper is to be submitted as a Word document.




Grading Criteria:



  • Presentation demonstrates a knowledge of “I Promise Project”.

  • Presentation demonstrates a knowledge and needs of Walgreens.

  • Provides a way to gain customer’s attention.


  • Presentation builds rapport.
  • Presentation highlights providing a solution or benefit to the customer.
  • Presentation uses verbal or visual tools.
  • Presentation anticipates objections and develops ways to overcome them.
  • Presentation develops ways to close the sale.
  • Spelling/Grammar at the college level.


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