Real estate business first paper | BUS 599 Strategic Management: Think Like a CEO – Business Strategy and Building Competitive Advantage | Strayer University

The specific requirements for this assignment are to write a 3–5 page paper in which you:

1. Describe the product or service on which the company is focusing, including the company’s name and its significance. The name of the real estate business is Exclusive Homes Realty Group. This company will comprise of a realty team. There will be independent agents as well as employees on staff in roles such as office manager, marketing, accountant, receptionist, and training department. Those employees will assist the agents that would be working under the company to help guide them in building their business, expanding their business, or business mentoring. The company is expected to meet its sales from the commission splits and flat fees from each agent hired under the company.

2. Revise the company’s mission statement based on feedback received in the Week 1 discussion thread, including the rationale for each component of the mission statement.

This is what the first mission statement was: Our mission is to provide superb service to our clients. We believe that everyone should experience ownership whether it’s a townhouse, apartment, single family home, condo, RV/Boating community, or a plot of land to begin building your family legacy. We are here for all your needs, providing you with the best quality possibly no matter how large or small the task.

3. Place the mission statement within quotation marks.

4. Describe the trends in your specific industry, focusing on your particular type of service.

5. Research and outline industry trends. Be sure to consider the size and growth rate for the overall industry and for the specific service on which you are focusing.

6. Select the strategic position from below that you believe is the best one for your chosen company and explain how you will implement it to distinguish your product or service from the competition. Customer Perception Factors

Market Segment

Market Share

Operational and/or Technological Advantages

Proprietary Products, Technology, Abilities, or Relationships

Sales Channels

Business Model

First-Mover Advantage

Lean Startup


a. Describe the company’s distribution channels and provide the rationale for your selection.

b. Sample questions to ask when choosing distribution channels:

c. Will you sell your product in grocery stores, restaurants, or sports venues?

d. Will you sell your product online or as a subscription?

E .Where will the service be offered?

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