Reflection on the bereaved | Psychology homework help

Please reflect on our reading and discuss at least 3 points you find helpful from Chapter 6 (Working with Bereaved Individuals). How will these points help you in working with others in our profession? Please give examples to support your statements.

NOTE: You must make at least 1 substantial posting and 2 substantial replies to this thread. You must participate in the Unit 1 discussion board (making postings/replies) at least 3 days per unit to qualify for full credit for this unit’s discussion boards. To earn a grade in the excellent or good category, you must have at least 1 posting by Wed. at 11:59pm EST. You also must use APA style in your posting and replies so please use in-text references and provide a reference to give proper credit to the authors. Please know that the MSHSV program requires the use of scholarly and empirical sources at all times unless otherwise stated as much in this assignment.

 Winokuer, H., & Harris, D. (2012). Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling. Springer Publishing Company.

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