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 Please see the Fact Sheet (see attachment) and add additional research information 

A total of 8 pages and it does not title page and references.

You will write a literature review that provides the foundation for your Desired Advocacy Outcome (DAO), synthesizing the argument for your Desired Advocacy Outcome (DAO) from the professional literature. This should be a minimum of 8 pages of text *** for the literature view, not inclusive of references, title pages, and other non-text accouterments. This literature review should be based on professional literature. Excellent work will call upon original research publications to integrate them into your discussion (as opposed to consistently referring only to how others interpret that research).  While your opinion is going to play a role in this – this should represent PROFESSIONAL values and not personal values. Fewer than 8 pages of text (not counting reference section) are likely to be insufficient to support your argument APA format for text and citations, double spaced 

(D) Literature Review Provide the research and theory that gives evidence for the appropriateness of your Desired Advocacy Outcome (DAO) – what is the research that tells us this is best practice? How strong/consistent are the findings of the research. Course instructor At the very least, all bulleted points on your one-page summary should be addressed here – with strong analysis and syntheses of the research and theory in support of the DAO Includes relevant research and remains on topic Uses professional literature/sources for research Submitted to the instructor via BB as part of the advocacy assignment

 (E) Opposing views (consider this part of the literature review) Include consideration of opposing viewpoints. What are the arguments AGAINST your advocacy outcome? Course instructor Thoughtful consideration to potential opposing views; considerations about anything that would require public funding should be addressed; minimum one page double spaced Submitted to the instructor via BB as part of the advocacy assignment  

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