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Short Writing #1 (SW-1)

Food Narrative


In How We EatPreview the document, Leon Rappoport writes, “our anxieties, aspirations, and modes of relating to others are embodied in our food habits” (59). In this food narrative, describe one of your “food habits,” how it began, and what it says about your personality or worldview. Thoughtfully consider your behavior, what may have triggered it, and what it means. Use one or more quotes from Rappoport to explain your habit.

Employ descriptive language to set the scene for readers; let us see this food habit in action. Consider how Suzanne WincklerPreview the document “paints” the picture of chicken slaughter for her readers.

A few possible lines of inquiry include your personal experience with or approach to…

  • food prejudice (p.72)
  • food associations/aversions (p.62)
  • etiquette and judgment (p.71)
  • dieting and body image (p.66) 


  • Probe more deeply into your relationship with food (and perhaps unearth a subject of interest for future projects)


  • 300–500 words
  • Use quotes from course readings to support your discussion
  • Post to Canvas by Monday

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