Supply chain management | Economics homework help


Week Written Assignment 

1.  Write a page memo (use a MS Word template) that relates how at least 2 Quality Improvement tools (such as  the cause and effect diagram (Ishakawa), PARETO charts, etc.)   to the PDCA or DMAIC  methods of Quality Management.

2. Philip Crosby’s expressed his philosophy about Quality Management using the phrase, “Quality is Free”.   In a or less page memo (use a MS Word template), explain his cost of quality approach and how quality could truly be free.

3.  Problem 9, Chapter 7


Ergonomics Inc.


1. How many chairs should the   firm order each time? 


2. What will the firm’s average   inventory be under each alternative? 


3. What will be the breakdown of   costs for each alternative?

Assume there is no uncertainty at all about   the demand or the lead time.

Combine the work into ONE (1) document and submit here. 

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