The case assignment is a 3-5


The Case Assignment is a 3-5 page minimum, double-spaced research
essay in which you will demonstrate your understanding of the
concepts related to developmental psychology. Please remember the
cover and references pages are not included in the 3 � 5 page count.
Make use of the TUW library for your research essay that requires
minimum of 3 references.

In your research essay, please make sure to address the following
What can parents do in explaining the diversity of other points
of view, experiences and cultures in the world to their young
children (3-7 years old)? (Module 2)
How can parents use the knowledge related to observational
learning in order to teach self-control behaviors with their
children (3-7 years old)? (Module 3)

What can parents do to encourage the growth of the cognitive
development of their children (3-7 years old) in order to foster
creative thinking? (Module 4)

Writing expectations include competency in the following:
Sentence Structure Verb Tense and Agreement
Pronoun Use
Possessive Use
Focus and Organization
This must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in
12-point Times New Roman.

Your Essay should have a Cover Page and Reference Page.
Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar
You must cite all texts used to avoid plagiarism
Why Citations Matter [Video File]. Retrieved from

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