The minnow bucket bait shop in land o’ lakes, wi raises trout and

     The Minnow Bucket   Bait Shop in Land O’ lakes, Wi raises trout and have 5000 of them. They want   to buy a mix of feed for their trout that both provides the nutrients needed   and comes at a low cost. In order to do this, they are going buy and mix two   brands. Each pound of Brand 1 contains 3 ounces of ingredient A, 4 ounces of   ingredient B and 0.5 ounces of ingredient C. Each pound of Brand 2 contains   10 ounces of ingredient A, 3 ounces of ingredient B and no ounces of   ingredient C. Brand 1 costs $2.20 a pound and Brand 2 costs $3.20 per pound.   Each trout need 85 ounces of ingredient A, 48 ounces of ingredient B and 2.5   ounces of ingredient C per month.   How many total pounds of each brand   should they buy per month to keep their cost as low as possible and still   meet the dietary requirements of the trout? What will the cost per month be?   Include your spreadsheet with any formulas noted. Also include a list of the   constraints you used.    

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