The organization… and all their


The organization… and all their info on human trafficking

Answer questions… if can.

About what proportion of your work (in an average week) involves IGR contacts with officials or administrators in other governmental units – local, state, or national (e.g., 20%, 1/3).

1a. Among those IGR contacts, which ranks highest (and lowes) in terms of frequency of contacts: ______local, ______state, ______national? (Are there special reasons for this?

1b. On balance and on a scale of cooperation from 1-10 (with 10 most cooperative), how would you rate your contacts with: ______local, _______state, ______national officials (Are there special reasons for these ratings?

What is the frequency of individual contacts (by phone, email, or face-to-face) that you have with officials in the most frequently contacted government (______more than once a day, _______daily,________weekly, etc.)

Are the contacts chiefly with appointed or elected officials? If the former, are they mainly with program policy professionals or with generalists?

Do contacts revolve more around funds (grants) or regulations? Or each about the same?

Does your unit/agency/organization receive federal aid and/or state aid? If yes, about what proportion your budget comes from federal aid? From state aid? (1-24%, 25-49%, 50-74%, or more?)

Apart from contacts with other governments what other organizations and nonprofit entities do you have regular contacts? How often and for what purpose(s)?

Are there any general observations, comments, evaluations, or view about IGR that the individual is ready to volunteer? pick a leader as if interviewed.

Hopefully the lady contact me beforehand, if not. Fake it til we make it 🙂  

The lady name is Cassie Hunt.  

Sample paper attached.


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