This is my capstone study, topic on: teaching strategy: chinese


This is my capstone study, topic on: Teaching Strategy: Chinese Students and Online ESL (oESL) Class.

To improve my study, I have already designed two questionnaires, one for teachers who are teaching or have taught online ESL (English as second language) courses, the other for students who are taking or have taken online ESL courses.

What need to be done now, is find participants and give out them questionnaires and collect data, at least 5 for teachers and 20 for students. Use SPSS to analyze all the datas and write a report about the result.

Page range: 7 pages, at least 5 references, APA style.

Attached file 1 is the capstone parts which I have already finished to help you understand what I am doing and what you need to include in the report. File 2 is the questionnaires.

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